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Do you want to join our team and own a piece of Norwegian sports technology, together with football stars Ole Gunnar Solskjær, Ronny Johnsen, Kristian Thorstvedt, Ola Brynhildsen, and World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen? Sports Computing has developed ground-breaking, AI-based sports technology for the mobile phone. As our first service, we have launched KickerAce for football players, to analyze their shots and technique. KickerAce is an easy-to-use user-friendly, scalable, and market-dependent technology, which creates opportunities for scaling into sports such as home training, golf, and running.





Kjell Heen, founder of Sports Computing AS

Hear from Sports Computing founder Kjell Heen, about how our technology behind KickerAce enables accurate analysis of the execution of a shot as well as the speed, impact point, spin, and trajectory of a football, using only the smartphone’s camera. By using cloud technology, KickerAce is hardware and OS-independent Computer Vision (CV), Artificial Neural Networks (ANN), and Augmented Reality (AR) all go under the collective term Artificial Intelligence (AI) and are used by us for video and image analysis.




Business Models

KickerAce is based on the philosophy of creating activation and increasing the quality of personal training. Based on this, KickerAce Basic is a free application that anyone with a smartphone can download and participate in. For users who want extended functions, there will be a Premium model available for subscription. In addition, the KickerAce platform has several B2B models. In addition to current revenue streams, data will be an additional factor that will come into play once KickerAce reaches a certain user base.



KickerAce User and Partner Programs






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