All you need is your Phone, a Ball and a Goal.

How to use KickerAce

We’ve simplified the setup for KickerAce. Take a look at our new tutorial to see how easily you can get started today.

Aligning your goal for KickerAce


Let’s make sure your goal is properly aligned and captured in KickerAce, so you can get the best possible score.

Watch this quick video to ensure that your setup is correct.


Don't have a tripod and want to make your own?

We know that not everyone has their own phone tripod at home, but KickerAce works best when you use a tripod.

Download this easy template to make your own at home and follow the instructions on this video.


How to join Online Games

Are you or your team registered for one of our Online Games but need help joining? Watch this quick tutorial to easily join your Online Game.

Do you have a cool idea for a unique phone tripod?

Enter our #TripodChallenge

Send us your DIY phone tripods in action and you can win a Marcelo The Strøm 30L backpack

We at #KickerAce will choose the most creative tripod design to win.
3 simple rules:

  1. YOU design it

  2. It must be stable

  3. Show us how you use your new tripod to test your skills with KickerAce

Enter the #tripodchallenge today! Send us your pictures and how-to