Does KickerAce work with any smartphone?
Currently, KickerAce is only available for iOs. We are working on developing a version for Android.

Do I have to use a tripod or can I hold the phone with my hand?
In order to achieve the most accurate reading and results of your kick, we highly suggest using a tripod or mobile holder. Any holder will do, but the phone must remain still and stable during play.

Can my team set up our own tournament? Can we play against others?
Yes! The fun thing about KickerAce is that you can play on your own, but you can also compete against friends. We allow our users to join in on Online Games and tournaments and compete against other users.

Where can I see more info on KickerAce and how it works?
We have a Showcase of all of our videos and tutorials on our KickerAce Vimeo.

Can I use KickerAce anywhere?
Yes! We at KickerAce want to make sure that everyone can join in on the fun! KickerAce is free to download. You play anytime, anywhere in the world! All you need is your phone, a ball, and a goal. Have fun!

How do I get KickerAce? Is it free?
KickerAce is available in the App Store here.
It is free to download and anyone can play it!